The Proposed Development

The Proposed Development

  • Mixed use scheme to provide a new neighbourhood discount food store and 6 residential apartments above
  • Provision of a brand new discount food store (1,063m² sales area, 524m² of ancillary space) with 78 free parking bays of which 3 will be disabled spaces and 3 parent and child spaces
  • 6 residential apartments including 4 x 2 beds, and 2 x 3 beds with 9 dedicated residential car parking spaces
  • Separate residential access off Spring Vale South
  • All apartments to have private balconies and the addition of a shared amenity area
  • Contemporary two store building with a mixture of materials in-keeping with the local area
  • Soft and hard landscaping treatment to be applied to all external areas
  • New pedestrian access from Gordon Road
  • A limited range of products (2,000 lines) necessitating continued use of existing local retailers.
  • Provision of up to 40 new jobs for local residents

Proposed Lidl store

The proposed building is designed to respond to the site’s characteristics in terms of its configuration, surrounding built environment and relationship to the variety of uses within the vicinity. A quality palette of materials will be used throughout the development. See below proposed elevations demonstrating how the site might look in context.

Lidl Dartford Proposed Elevations - North & East -

Lidl Dartford Proposed Elevations - South & West


The redevelopment of the site will provide the following benefits to the local area:

  • Redevelopment of a redundant brownfield site
  • Provision of a brand new discount foodstore
  • 6 residential apartments
  • Improved local shopping amenity
  • Increased consumer choice
  • Enhanced social inclusion
  • New employment opportunities
  • Building efficiency reducing the carbon footprint of the development
  • High quality design and building fabrics

Design and Layout

The proposal is to provide a new mixed use development on the former Dartford Police Station site to accommodate both a ground floor foodstore and 6 residential apartments above. All external areas will be resurfaced with both soft and hard landscaping. The proposed store has a GIA of 1,587m². The store has a sales area of 1,063m² and 524 m² of ancillary space.

Both vehicular and customer access are just off Instone Road with the car park occupying the eastern half of the site. Delivery vehicles will utilise the same access point, drive in to the site in forward gear and reverse into the loading bay which is located on the north elevation of the building. All store waste will be collected at the same time as deliveries, thereby minimising daily HGV movements in and out of the site.

The car park will provide 78 car parking spaces including 3 disabled spaces and 3 parent and child spaces in close proximity to the store entrance. 10 bicycle spaces will be provided adjacent to the store entrance. The customer entrance to the store will face Instone Road and facilitate easy access for those walking from the town centre, customer car park or travelling by bus to the store.